Simple Style Tablecloth Waterproof And Oil-Proof PVC Household Tablecloth

Short Description:

Material: PVC
Product category: tablecloth
Style: modern minimalist
shape: rectangle
Applicable scene: home
Color: new lemon, avocado, yellow cute eggs, pink cute eggs, English white grid, English blue grid, English gray grid, white grid, pink grid, fruit green grid, gray grid, blue grid, coffee grid
Size: 90*137, 137*137, 152*137, 180*137, 40*60 colors randomly
Space: living room, dining room
Function: wear-resistant, oil-proof

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Product Description


Unadorned ornaments, everything belongs to nature
Exudes a calm and elegant atmosphere of life, low-key and luxurious
And some little feelings

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Selected high-quality PEVA raw materials, reactive printing and dyeing, clear texture, soft and delicate touch


The waterproof effect is obvious, and the stains can be wiped off with a towel immediately.


Exquisite cutting lines are smooth and delicate, and the corners of the table are clean and tidy

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Product Advantage

1. The surface of the PVC tablecloth is very smooth and has the characteristics of wear resistance. A PVC tablecloth can be used repeatedly after being wiped many times. Moreover, the surface of the PVC tablecloth is relatively smooth, and it is not easy to be stained with oil stains. Once the oil stains stick to the surface of the PVC tablecloth, you only need to dip a small amount of detergent to wipe it clean.

2. PVC tablecloths are not only transparent, but also have various patterns and beautiful patterns. In addition, there are some pastoral tablecloths, European style and simple style and other different styles, all of which have better decoration. Effect.

How much cm thick is recommended for pvc tablecloths?

Just buy 3-5mm thick. The thickness of the tablecloth is generally determined according to the size of the table. When purchasing, the pvc tablecloth should be the same as the table area or slightly larger than the surrounding 2cm. The main raw material of pvc tablecloth is soft polyvinyl chloride plastic, which will add a certain amount of plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers, fillers, etc. , Easy to clean and so on.

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