Simple plaid aloe vera cotton four-piece set

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Product Name: Bedding set
Material: Aloe Vera Cotton
MOQ: 1 set
weight: 2KG
One set: bed sheet + quilt cover + pillowcase(4pcs)
Washing: Washable Machine Wash

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Product Description

Product Name Bedding set
Material Aloe Vera Cotton
MOQ 1 set
weight 2KG
One set bed sheet + quilt cover + pillowcase(4pcs)
Washing Washable Machine Wash
Payment TT,PayPal,Credit Card 
Delivery time 7-15 Days
Applicable bed type 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.2m
Weaving process plain weave, brushed

Material Introduction

Aloe vera cotton is a vegetable fiber and polyester fiber. The chemical and physical properties of aloe vera fibers are similar to those of cotton. Clothes and bedding made from it are especially comfortable to use. At the same time, the fabric has good hygroscopicity and hygroscopicity. It is soft to the touch and has the advantages of no shrinkage, no deformation, and no pilling. Aloe vera cotton is also widely used in the market, and can be processed into various fabrics according to the different needs of consumers, such as home textile market, knitted sweaters, underwear, etc. Not only that, the regenerated cellulose fiber in the aloe vera viscose staple fiber is made of cotton pulp as raw material, after alkali soaking, pressing, aging, yellowing, mixing, filtration, defoaming, aging, spinning, refining, drying It is made by other processes, which provides a reliable guarantee for product quality.

Simple plaid aloe vera cotton four-piece set001

Product Size

1.5m four-piece quilt cover 150*200cm bed sheet 200*230cm pillowcase 48*74cm*2

1.8m four-piece quilt cover 180*220cm bed sheet 230*230cm pillowcase 48*74cm*2

2.0m four-piece quilt cover 200*230cm bed sheet 230*230cm pillowcase 48*74cm*2

2.2m four-piece quilt cover 220*240cm bed sheet 250*230cm pillowcase 48*74cm*2

Simple plaid aloe vera cotton four-piece set002

Product advantages

1. Easy to dye at room temperature, bright color, high color fastness and good comfort, because it has good stretchability and recovery, antistatic and not easy to pilling.
2. The color is bright and gorgeous, with good drapability, easy maintenance, good stain resistance, and can be machine washed and dried, with good durability.
3. Blended with cotton and viscose, it has good softness and elasticity, which solves the wrinkle-prone and dimensional stability problems of pure cotton products, and further improves the wearing comfort and warmth retention of the fabric.
4. Blending with cashmere and wool can avoid the yellowing of the fabric, keep the fabric fluffy and soft, and give the fabric a good elastic effect, which further improves the wearing comfort of the fabric and makes the maintenance more convenient.
5. Blending with Tencel and Modal can give the fabric softness, improve the wrinkle resistance of the fabric, and improve the dimensional stability of the product. The proportion of aloe vera fiber in the product can be determined according to needs.

Simple plaid aloe vera cotton four-piece set003
Simple plaid aloe vera cotton four-piece set004
Simple plaid aloe vera cotton four-piece set005


Sample delivery time: Current sample needs 1-3 days, customized sample needs 7-15 workdays according to your specific requirement.

Packaging & Delivery

Inner: Transparent dust-proof polybag
Outer: Carton packaging, can be affixed with the marks required by customers

Shipping Method

By sea, by air, by express (FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS)

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