Nordic modern minimalist style oil-proof disposable PVC tablecloth

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Product Description

Product Name Water Proof Tablecloth
Material PVC
MOQ 1 pcs
Weight 0.24kg
Delivery time 7-15 Days

Material advantages

1.The surface of the PVC tablecloth is very smooth and has the characteristics of wear resistance. A PVC tablecloth can be used repeatedly after being wiped many times. Moreover, the surface of the PVC tablecloth is relatively smooth, and it is not easy to be stained with oil stains. Once the oil stains stick to the surface of the PVC tablecloth, you only need to dip a small amount of detergent to wipe it clean. You do not need to clean it all like ordinary tablecloths.

2.PVC tablecloths are not only transparent, but also have various patterns and beautiful patterns. In addition, there are some pastoral-style tablecloths, European-style and simple styles and other different styles, all of which have better decoration. Effect.

Cleaning precautions

1.PVC tablecloth is easy to clean, this tablecloth is specially treated, so it is waterproof. You can clean it with clean water or wipe it with a rag. If the PVC tablecloth has been used for many years, you can consider replacing it. Because his price is very cheap.

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Product process

Selection of brushed fabrics, feel comfortable, softer and more delicate,skin care, comfortable sleep

Product Size




or customized.

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Support to buy samples

Sample delivery time:Current sample needs 1-3 days,  customized sample needs 7-15 workdays according to your specific requirement.

Ordering Information

1. Payment: We usually accept TT,PayPal,Credit Card, if you can't accept it, please send email to negotiate payment.

2. Packing: normally 1 piece/plastic bag, if customers have specific requirements, they will negotiate. (color boxes, pouches, mailboxes, vacuum packaging, etc.)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Inner : Transparent dust-proof polybag

Outer : Woven bag or carton with Customer's name or logo

Shipping Method

By sea, by air, by express (FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS)



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