The whole process of curtains from purchase to installation

When you buy curtains, do you go to the furniture store frantically, and you end up dazzled and unable to choose? This article can let you make a reference when you have no clue.

The whole process of curtains from purchase to installation1

First, clarify the needs of curtains

1. Confirm the wall installation method:

① hang on the wall

②Only cover the window

③Floating curtains

2. Confirm the use:


②Shading: gauze, blinds

3. Confirm the style:

①straight curtain

②Rolling blinds

③Roman shade

④ Venetian blinds

4. The way of hanging the ring:



③Han pleats

How to choose the right curtains

1. Select curtain rod and track

① Roman pole

Advantages: strong decoration, large selection space, easy to disassemble

Cons: Light leaks

② Track

Advantages: smooth and labor-saving, good mute effect

Cons: Requires curtain boxes or curtains, not suitable for small apartments

2. Select the curtain material

① Shading: high-precision shading cloth, dark shading effect is the best, choose dark color

② Seeing the light but not the shadow: the single-hanging gauze curtain is especially suitable for public areas such as dining room and living room

③ Ordinary sunshade or decoration: the same material as the sofa and bedding.

④ Cotton and linen blend

⑤ Pure cotton, blended: relatively stiff, not enough drape

⑥ Suede chemical fiber: suitable for light luxury and retro style, with thick texture and good sound insulation and heat preservation effect

⑦ Satin chemical fiber

⑧ Other materials: bamboo blinds, reed blinds, venetian blinds, which can create a primitive and natural style

3. Choose the color of the curtains

① Pattern

②Soft outfit

③ Saturation

④ Emotions

⑤ Temperature

⑥ Contrast

Third, the size and installation of curtains

1. Before installation

① Measure the time of the curtain

② Measure the size of the curtain

③ The size of the Roman pole

④ The size of the curtain rail

⑤ Spacing of fixing parts

⑥ Dimensions of the curtain box

2. Installation process

① Install the curtain track

② Install the Roman rod

③ Mounting hook

④ Notes: The thermal insulation wall needs to lengthen the expansion bolts

3. Curtain acceptance

① Whether there is light leakage

② Whether the sliding is flexible and smooth

Small partners can copy the above process and complete a checkmark, so that the process of purchasing curtains will be very smooth.

Post time: May-21-2022