How to put on a bed skirt?

When you buy bedding, often hear is a few sets of products, and not a single piece, the general set of bedding will contain a bed skirt, I believe we have heard of the bed skirt supplies, and also a part of the people have long tried the bed skirt, but there are many people do not know the correct use of the bed skirt, then today to explain to you, how to lay the bed skirt is the correct?


1. Flinging single
Grab the end of the bed skirt with the left hand, there is a trademark position, the right hand grabbed the end of the bed skirt to play loose, throw to the direction of the end of the bed, and then the right hand grabbed the head of the bed skirt, respectively, to the left and right sides to open the sheet.
2. Open the single
Both hands distance of about 80 to 100 cm, palms down, grab the head of the bed skirt, pressed in the mattress about 30 cm place, the bed skirt raised about 70 cm height, so that the air into the end of the sheet, bulge, body slightly forward, the bed skirt thrown out, when the air will be pushed away from the end of the bed skirt, then the bed skirt to the head of the bed direction to pull down 35 cm.


3. Wrap the corners
First wrap the head of the bed, tuck the sheet of the sagging part of the head of the bed under the mattress, wrap the right corner, pull up the right sagging bed skirt with your left hand to fold the corner, and tuck the bed skirt of the right corner part under the mattress with your right hand.

4. Then the left hand will be folded corner downward to pull tight, wrapped into a right angle, the right hand will angle down the sheet stuffed into the mattress below, wrapped the left corner and the right corner of the same method, the end of the bed skirt method is also the same as the head of the bed.

Post time: Aug-16-2022