How often should bed sheets and duvet covers be washed?

In our daily life, there are many things that we have intimate contact with, such as toothbrushes, towels, bath towels, bed sheets, quilts and so on.

These things will definitely produce a lot of bacteria due to long-term use.

If you can't solve this problem effectively, it is likely to affect your home life and even your health.
Here I ask you a question: How often do you wash the sheets and quilt covers in your home? Many people get it wrong, it is recommended not to exceed this time, no wonder the body is not feeling well.

duvet covers be washed

It is very important to clean the sheets. It needs to go through cleaning, drying, drying and other operations to ensure that it is clean and tidy.

If you don't develop a good habit of cleaning, a lot of bacteria and mites will grow on it, we should pay more attention.

Experts advise everyone: In summer, bed sheets and duvet covers need to be cleaned every 14 days!

duvet covers be washed1

The operation method is very simple. We need to soak the bed items in high temperature water for about 15 minutes, then wash them with cleaning items, and finally put them in the sun for exposure!

This will kill all bacteria and mites, and if you have problems with your face, the pillowcase and pillow core will also need to be replaced.

duvet covers be washed2

Pillowcases are the easiest to get dirty, and I recommend cleaning them once a week to avoid direct damage to us by mites.
Mites are already one of our known allergens. We need to pay more attention. It is very important to learn how to remove mites correctly.

Mites especially like humid environments, such as bed sheets, sofas, wardrobes, carpets, etc. in the home. If the mites in the home exceed the standard, it may cause allergens.

duvet covers be washed3
duvet covers be washed4

Especially in families with the elderly and children, it is not good if allergic rhinitis and asthma occur.

Regarding the problem of removing mites, how many people only know how to use sun exposure, but this method cannot cure the root cause at all, but will make the mites breed faster. Next, we can learn how to remove mites!

duvet covers be washed5

How to quickly clean bed sheets from mites?
① Clothing disinfectant
When you clean sheets and quilts, you need to use good cleaning products, you can buy practical clothes disinfectant!
It needs to be soaked in water in advance, and an appropriate amount of detergent and disinfectant can be added, which can make the sheets clean and can also achieve the effect of removing odors.

② Mite removal bag
Regarding the problem of removing mites, in addition to paying attention to cleaning, we can also try the easy-to-use [mites removal bag]!
This kind of good thing can kill all the mites. There are no extra chemical components in it. All natural Chinese herbal medicines are used, such as wormwood, mint, etc., and the effect of removing mites is very strong.

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duvet covers be washed7

③ Mite removal spray
If you feel that there are a lot of mites in your home, and simple cleaning methods don't work, you can also try the easy-to-use [Mite Removal Spray], which will definitely help you solve the mites problem and make your home more comfortable. clean.

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Post time: May-21-2022