4 key points for silk quilt maintenance to extend the service life of bedding


Silk quilts should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Even if they need to be exposed to the sun, it is recommended to choose when the sun is not very strong. Generally, half an hour is enough. If exposed to the sun, the fibers will harden and break, making the silk quilt not close to the body and keeping warm.

In addition, the silk quilt should be taken outdoors for ventilation and dehumidification regularly, so that the moisture accumulated in the silk quilt can evaporate and restore its softness and elasticity.

When the silk is stored, it can’t be put under heavy pressure, and there is no need to place mothballs. A good quality silk quilt can be used for a long time if it is used and maintained properly.

The silk quilt inner tube is not allowed to be washed and dry cleaned, but after a period of use, even if there is a layer of quilt cover on the outside, the silk quilt head side will turn yellow due to breathing sweat, saliva, sweat, etc. After consumers buy a new silk quilt, they can sew a towel on one side of the quilt head, put on the quilt cover, and remove the towel for cleaning every year.

The quilt cover is used outside the silk quilt, dust can not enter, and the silk quilt can be kept clean, only the quilt cover can be cleaned each time.

Post time: Jun-25-2022