Jacquard Blanket Thickening Warm Lunch Blanket Sofa Multifunctional Blanket

Short Description:

Product Category: Flannel
Material: Polyester Fiber (Polyester)
Gram weight: below 300g
Custom processing: Yes
Pattern: Plants and Flowers
Blanket Type: Jacquard Blanket

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Product Description

Product Category Flannel
Material Polyester Fiber (Polyester)
Gram weight below 300g
Custom processing Yes
Pattern Plants and Flowers
Blanket Type Jacquard Blanket
Style Scandinavian
Color navy blue [literary jacquard blanket], orange [literary jacquard blanket], green [literary jacquard blanket], purple [literary jacquard blanket], navy blue [literary jacquard blanket]
Dimensions 110*140cm, 150*200cm
Season All seasons
Blanket Sofa Multifunctional Blanket
Blanket Sofa Multifunctional Blanket1
Blanket Sofa Multifunctional Blanket2
Blanket Sofa Multifunctional Blanket3
Blanket Sofa Multifunctional Blanket4

Washing: (only for the first washing in water) can not be soaked, can be washed with room temperature water or cold water below 30 ℃, dark and light colors are washed separately, the second machine washing can be washed in gentle mode for 15 minutes, can be washed with water, and softener can be added . The embroidery part can be ironed at low temperature, and do not directly contact the textile with detergent to avoid local fading. Never use bleach.

Blanket Sofa Multifunctional Blanket5
Blanket Sofa Multifunctional Blanket6
Blanket Sofa Multifunctional Blanket7


1. The appearance of lamb velvet is beautiful and has a certain fluffy feeling. The fabric is easy to shape and is favored by designers. The fabric has good elasticity and breathability, and this type of fabric is very comfortable to wear on the body.
2. Cashmere has poor chemical properties, but lamb wool is the opposite. It is not only resistant to chemicals but also insect-resistant. The fabric is not easy to grow mildew and insects. At the same time, it has strong wear resistance. When the fabric is produced, it will be processed for high temperature shrinkage treatment. , so the fabric is not easy to shrink and deform, so lamb's wool is much simpler than cashmere in terms of maintenance.
3. The price of the last cashmere is more affordable.

Custom process

1. Communication and customization need to determine specific requirements: material, size, pattern, order quantity, etc.
2. Confirm the schedule for proofing, make sample videos, pictures or mail samples for confirmation, and plan the production schedule.
3. Sign the contract and pay the deposit in advance. After both parties determine the specific requirements of the customized product, sign the contract and pay the deposit; 4. Pay the final payment to arrange delivery, communicate the payment method, arrange logistics delivery, notify the customer to receive it in time, and do relevant after-sales service.

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