Flannel Blanket Air Conditioning Thickening Blanket Napping Blanket

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Product Category: Flannel
Material: Polyester Fiber (Polyester)
Gram weight: 800g~999g
Custom processing: Yes
Product grade: first class
Blanket Type: Flannel Blanket

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Product Description

Product Category Flannel
Material Polyester Fiber (Polyester)
Gram weight 800g~999g
Custom processing Yes
Product grade first class
Blanket Type Flannel Blanket
Style modern minimalist
Color hot air balloon, secret garden, happy radish, stripes, grizzly bear, tide brand, romantic deer, blue big grid, love in the rain, small mushroom blue, small mushroom powder, orange paradise, bear-blue, leaf floral, plaid bear, flower language
Dimensions 100cmx150cm crimping style random pattern, 120cmX200cm crimping style, 150cmx200cm crimping style, 180cmx200cm crimping style, 200cmx230cm crimping style, 100cmx150cm wrapping style random pattern, 120cmX200cm wrapping style, 150cmx200cm wrapping style, 180cmx200cm Hemming, 200cmx230cm Hemming, 120cmX200cm Rolling
Season All seasons
Flannel Blanket Air

New upgrade of soft fabric

A soft and suede wool fabric woven from carded wool yarn, which is covered with a layer of rich and clean down, without texture, and feels soft and smooth.

Flannel Blanket Air1

Fine quilting

Good quilting thread effect, durable without worrying about agglomeration, rigorous sewing process, and generally no off-line situation.

Flannel Blanket Air2

Reinforced hemming

Reinforced edging design, not easy to be disconnected.

Flannel Blanket Air3

Reactive printing and dyeing is natural and environmentally friendly
high color fastness
Green and environmental protection
Low shrinkage rate
No stimulation

Flannel Blanket Air4

Washing without deformation
hand washable
machine washable

Flannel Blanket Air5
Flannel Blanket Air7

Farai fleece blanket air conditioning blanket thickened blanket children's blanket nap blanket company store celebration sales gift blanket factory wholesale.

The company provides processing, OEM (OEM), sample ordering, and sample customization for source manufacturers.

What are the advantages of flannel quilt?

1. Pure cotton flannel is hygroscopic
Pure cotton flannel has good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8-10%, so it touches human skin, making people feel soft and not. stiff. If the humidity of the cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is high, the moisture contained in the fibers will all evaporate and dissipate, so that the fabric maintains a state of water balance and makes people feel comfortable.
2. Pure cotton flannel has moisturizing properties
Since flannel is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, the thermal conductivity is extremely low, and because the cotton fiber itself has the advantages of porosity and high elasticity, a large amount of air can be accumulated between the fibers, and the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Therefore, Pure cotton fiber textiles have good moisturizing properties, and wearing pure cotton fabrics makes people feel warm.
3. Pure cotton flannel has heat resistance
The pure cotton flannel has good heat resistance. When the temperature is below 110 °C, it will only cause the moisture on the fabric to evaporate without damaging the fiber. Therefore, the pure cotton fabric has no effect on the fabric under normal temperature, such as wearing, washing, printing and dyeing. It improves the washability and wearability of pure cotton fabrics.

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