Customized Thickened And Enlarged Cotton Towel Bath Towel 80*160cm

Short Description:

Material: pure cotton
Weight: towel 130g bath towel 800g
Printing LOGO: Yes
Color: white, dark blue, light grey, dark grey
Specifications (length * width cm): towel 35*75, bath towel 80*160
Yarn technology: plied yarn

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Product Description

Customized Thickened And Enlarged Cotton Towel Bath Towel 80160cm (1)

Pure cotton thickened and enlarged towel
Towel: 35* 75CM 130G
Large bath towel: 80* 160CM 800G

Thick wrap
Thickening series one
Four colors available


Combed cotton class A
Remove impurities, cotton wool, and keep long terry
//The terry of the combed cotton bath towel is longer and fluffy, has better water absorption, and reduces the hair loss rate.

Combed 1

Combed cotton absorbs water well
Through the production process, the cotton fibers are fully exposed to the air during spinning, and the air-filled gaps can capture a large number of water molecules.
Color display

Combed 2
Combed 4
Combed 3
Combed 5

*The terry is neat and slender, fluffy, soft and skin-friendly


* Hemming process, strong and durable.


*Exquisitely broken, you can embroider your LOGO


* Exquisite hemming process, not suitable for hair loss, not easy to break, firm and durable.


Washing And Care Guide

1. Before using the new product, it is recommended to rinse with cold water to remove the floating hair on the surface;
2. The washing water temperature should not exceed 30°C (high temperature soaking will destroy the structure of the fiber)
3. Machine washing will destroy the terry structure, please do not put it in the washing machine;
4. Do not dry clean, do not iron, do not bleach;
5. Please keep the place ventilated and dry to prevent mildew;
6. The use time should not exceed three months, replace it in time, and use it more smoothly and delicately.

Towels are shot by professional photographers and corrected and adjusted later, and try to keep the same as the real object. However, due to the difference in lighting, display and personal perception of color, there may be color difference. Please refer to the actual color for the color.

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