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Short Description:

Material: polyester, linen
Main component of fabric: polyester fiber (polyester)
Process: solid color
Function: High shading (70%-90%)
Category: vertical blinds, triangular blinds, perforated blinds, curtains
Whether it can be customized: yes
Color: lake blue, mint green, light blue, warm beige, dark blue, slate grey

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

Neat edging

Neat edging
Needless and uniform edging

wool-like feel

Wool-like feel
Skin-friendly, crisp herringbone woven fabric

Thick and textured

Thick and textured
Delicate high gram weight for excellent drape


Shading and noise reduction. Heat insulation gives you the deepest sleep experience

Shading 2
Shading 1

The choice of curtain material should be determined according to the overall decoration of the home. There are mainly the following materials:

1. Cotton and linen fabric: It is characterized by comfort, breathability, softness, warmth, anti-sensitivity, and easy cleaning. It gives people a simple feeling, is close to nature, and is more suitable for Nordic, Japanese, casual American styles with a natural theme.

2. Silk fabric: It is characterized by good luster, bright color, lightness and softness, and good hygroscopicity. It gives people a luxurious feeling, and has been favored by princes and nobles since ancient times. The silky feel is especially loved by female friends, and it is more suitable for French, light luxury, Chinese and other styles.

3. Fleece fabric: Features soft hand feel, strong drape, chemical reaction between dyes and fibers, and strong color fastness. It gives people a high-end and gorgeous feeling, expensive but not extravagant, stable but not stuffy, more suitable for Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, American and other styles.

4. Chenille fabric: It is characterized by thick, soft hand, plump suede, good drape, warm and decorative. It is more inclusive and gives people a low-key and steady feeling, which is more suitable for Baroque, American, Chinese, modern and other styles.

Product Color

Product color

● Lake Blue

● Mint Green

● Light blue

● Warm beige

● Dark blue

● Rock grey

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