American light luxury rectangular dining table flag tablecloth

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Product Description

Product Name Tablecloth
Material Cotton
MOQ 1 pcs
Weight 1kg
Delivery time 7-15 Days


Product action

1.Antifouling effect Home decoration table runners are generally laid on the desktop. Although the desktop cannot be completely covered, it can still play a certain antifouling effect, so that the area covered by the table runner is not easy to get dirty. In addition, the table runner can also play a certain protective role on the table.

2.For decoration, the main function of the table flag is decoration. It is generally made of high-quality textiles, with bright colors and high gloss. If it is laid on the table, the decorative effect is very good.

3.Showing taste, table runners are home textile products that reflect the quality of life and taste. Putting table runners on the table at home can show the high taste of the host, increase the artistic taste and aesthetic taste of the room, and make the simple home environment immediately upgrade the grade.


Cleaning method

1.It can be washed by hand or put in the washing machine, washed regularly with disinfectant, and dried thoroughly before being put away. ​​

2.After washing, it can be dried by machine, or it can be air-dried for natural air-drying. It is best not to twist it by hand.

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Support to buy samples

Sample delivery time:Current sample needs 1-3 days, customized sample needs 7-15 workdays according to your specific requirement.


Ordering Information

1. Payment: We usually accept TT,PayPal,Credit Card, if you can't accept it, please send email to negotiate payment.

2. Packing: normally 1 piece/plastic bag, if customers have specific requirements, they will negotiate. (color boxes, pouches, mailboxes, vacuum packaging, etc.)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
Inner : Transparent dust-proof polybag
Outer : Woven bag or carton with Customer's name or logo

Shipping Method

By sea, by air, by express (FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS)



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